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The insulator has the letter B embossed on the top side and below it embossed is. FEB 12TH On the other side of the insulator it has embossed. The wire groove looks to have a couple of flea bites in it also. There are a couple of small chips and a bruise on the outer skirt edge, and several. The threads have what looks like an old piece of wood still in them. See all of the pictures for best details on condition. Buyer receives exactly what is pictured. If it isn’t pictured it isn’t included. We do our best to accurately photograph and describe each item that we list for sale.

Dating brookfield insulators

By Maribeth Keane — August 19th, In this interview Ian Macky describes the origins, types, shapes and colors of collectible antique glass insulators. His son had a bunch of insulators on the window sill in his bedroom. You always think of glass as being fragile, but it was used for some pretty industrial uses.

Glass telegraph insulators that are unique in their own way. First off we’ll start with a very rare type of Brookfield called an O’Brien’s patent. poured the insulator leaving a perfect reverse impression of the penny including wording and date.

Installed in on the transmission line, the CD was used from , a total of 94 years of continuous service. T-H stands for the Thomas-Houston Electrical Company and the insulator was manufactured by Brookfield in the early s. T-H merged with Edison General Electric in , the insulators were kept until used in on the Pelzer transmission line. Roughly 2, CD were installed on the transmission line. Over the years the insulators were replaced, most of them survived until , when many were broken for the 00 gauge copper wire.

Light Green, snowy, amber or any other shades can be worth more. In Pelzer, it can be found with very forms of patent dates, the No. Light aqua CD are the earliest types while the dark aqua types were installed on distribution lines. The insulators replaced broken insulators on the transmission line and were also installed on distribution lines. CD found in Pelzer come in shades of aqua, some of which have snow or amber.

CD No. The insulator replaced broken insulators on the transmission line in the early s.

Antique Glass Insulators

Glass insulators were originally designed as conductors and protectors of wires on the tops of telegraph, and later, telephone and electricity poles. The National Insulators Association tells the earliest date of the insulators was , when a telegraph line link was established between Washington, D. I clean my dirty insulators in a 5 gallon plastic bucket of water with oxalic acid wood bleach crystals mixed in. A good ratio is about 1 pound of oxalic acid for every 2.

The first CREB style featuring an patent date. Page 2. These first insulators are usually of a light aqua color and do not appear to have.

A simple enough question, but there are actually several factors to consider when finding the value of your insulator Once you have the above information, now you can find the value of your insulator. The most recent price guide currently available is the edition, published by Don Briel. Find Your Insulator’s Value. How much is my Hemingray insulator worth? TIP: Have you already checked my list of common Hemingray styles?

CD Number. The Consolidated Design number is a unique number the insulator collecting hobby has assigned to every known insulator style. If you don’t know what your insulator’s CD number is, you can find it by identifying your insulator. Primary Embossing.

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Old railway rights-of-way in my area were diligently scoured for many miles around; as far as my bicycle would take me. Particular emphasis was given to an old Western Union telegraph line that ran through the center of my hometown of Brockton and extended in each direction for many miles. The line paralleled a railroad right-of-way and was dismantled in early upon my startling discovery of what seemed like an utter, overnight transition to semi-naked poles.

The linemen had just got through removing the solid copper open wire and threw the crossarms onto the ground, with the insulators remaining on their pins. There were three crossarms on the upper section of each pole that supported the former Western Union wires with two additional ten-pin crossarms immediately below which remained in service for railway telephone and signaling purposes.

: Vintage Deformed Brookfield #3 Aqua Glass Insulator Appears to Be CD Everything Else. Date First Available, March 11,

Figure 1 Wedge drip points. Figure 2 Tall Skirt. Figure 3 Fat Head, skinny skirt left , stout skirt right. Figure 4 Shrunken Head. Figure 5 Shotgun Skirts. Figure 6 S. Figure 7 Blob Top. Figure 8 S. Blot Out. Star [] S.

Glass Insulator Collection

Whether this happened immediately is questionable, but is the general date for when the BFNY began to appear and the WBFNY emb’g may have carried on until service was required or the molds wore out. This information has been proven incorrect by period documents stating work began on the new plant in and was in production before there. Also, it once was believed this move also meant that the Bushwick plant closed in It actually remained in service into As we know it now, insulator production began at OB in It was the first production to be done at OB, and of note, insulator production continued at Bushwick for several years before all insulator production was moved over to OB.

Do we have definite dates for start at OB and stoppage at Bushwick? Which leads to the last comment about embossing types.

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Brookfield Glass Company (Bushwick Glass Works)

This page needs: Dating and ID info for other manufacturers, manufacturer initials, info on insulator types. It is common to want to know the origins and age of an insulator you found. This guide will explain how. First off, determine the type and manufacturer of your insulator. Examine the outside of your insulator for any obvious names or initials.

This page needs: Dating and ID info for other manufacturers, manufacturer Unfortunately, dating Brookfield insulators is not an exact science.

Chris McClelland’s glass insulator webpage. Extremely unique insulators. First off we’ll start with a very rare type of Brookfield called an O’Brien’s patent. Looks alot like a gingerbread man and is VERY delicate! The arms were very easily destroyed and finding one without arm damage is nigh unto impossible. Not only are these exceptionally rare,but when you DO find one,the owner is usually unwilling to sell it.

Very cool Brookfield pony in this picture. This is a very common,light aqua type but it has been completely encased in a tree!